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_MK 13_ Coffee Bean | Special Blend - 200g/500g

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Introducing the MK13 Special Blend - a perfect combination of Ethiopia Misty Valley Gedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe (Natural Process), and Guatemala Huehuetenango (Wash Process). With fruity, honey, cacao, and tea-like notes, this medium-roasted blend delivers a rich and smooth taste. Enjoy it black, with milk, or filtered. Elevate your coffee experience with the exquisite flavors of MK13 Special Blend. Try it today and discover a whole new world of coffee enjoyment.

_MK13_ Special Blend 

Ethiopia Misty Valley Yirgacheffe - Natural x Guatemala Huehuetenango - Wash

Notes : Fruity . Honey . Cacao . Tea-like

Roast level : Medium Roast 

Weight : 200g/500g

Black | White | Filter