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Minos Manual Coffee Grinder

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Red Dot Design Award Winner 2018 Features: 

1) Ergonomical handle - We make perseverant adjustments on the length of the hadle and radian of the wooden cap in order to provide user a smooth experience when grinding 

2) Numerical controlled process (One uit form) - The integrated aluminium alloy shell of this manual coffee grinder creates simple and elegant appearance.Octangle outer shell prevents slipping and is confortable to hold 

3) Innovative external adjuster - It is so convenient to adjust the degree of the thickness of the coffee grounds. The structure makes it to clean the inside of grinder.

 4) Duplex bearing ensures stability of the central axle 

5) Accurate alloy steel grinding core 

6) Internal grounds container with skid-resistant design 

Material: Wooden cap - walnut Handle - stainless steel 

Outer shell & grounds container - aluminium alloy Introduction of the external adjuster Press the adjuster and enter adjustive mode - Rotate the handle clockwise, the thickness of grounds is reducing. Stop when you hear "ticking" stop point, the finest setting - Rotate the handle anti-clockwise, then the thickness of grounds is increasing, getting coarser Release the adjuster and enter grinding mode 

Grind reference: 0.5-1 circle (salt) espresso / moka pot 1.5-2 circle (granulated sugar) pour over coffee 2.5-3.5 circle (raw sugar) french press