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The Brewista Artisan Gooseneck Kettle in Matte black is both stylish and functional.  With a 600ml or 1L capacity, the Artisan is perfect for pour over, and feels balanced and comfortable in the hand when pouring. The Artisan kettle has been designed with a precision gooseneck and special angle spout for the most accurate pour control and an ergonomic, easy-grip handle for comfort. This is the 3rd Generation of the Artisan Kettle launched by Brewista.

Features include:

- Gooseneck spout for accurate pour control
- Precise digital temperature selection: 60c - 99c

- 600ml - 1L water capacity
- Built-in timer for pour over use
- Super Boil function without setting a temperature
- Real time temperature display
- Ergonomic, easy-grip handle
- Temperature displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius- Keep Warm function maintains temperature for up to one hour
- Durable tempered glass with touch panel for easy use and easy clean
- Touch button display with white backlight

Note: Due to minor modifications and regional market differences, the actual product may differ slightly from that pictured.

Product weight: 2.31kg
Product box size (mm): 305x220x210