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Ethiopia Guji Dasaya G1 22/02 - Natural Process

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Discover the enchanting Ethiopia Guji Dasaya G1 coffee, a natural-processed with heirloom varietal, grown at 2300masl. This light roast showcases delightful notes of blueberry, strawberry, mango, purple grapes, and peach. With 150g of carefully sourced and expertly roasted beans, this unique and captivating coffee delivers an exceptional experience for your taste buds. Elevate your coffee journey with this remarkable brew that represents the best of Ethiopian coffee heritage.

Process : Natural

Varietal : Heirloom

Altitude : 2300masl

Roast Level : Light Roast 

Notes : Blueberry . Strawberry . Mango . Purple Grapes . Peach 

Weight :  150g